Kbd. Md. Hamidul Islam,Kbd. Masud Rana,Kbd. Harun or Rashid
It’s a simple math. If you apply one dose of Neem decoction or suspension of Mahagoni fruits instead of any kind of thiamethoxam group in one hectare crop area to protect from vector of leaf curl disease as like white fly it will be save 320tk or more. It means 8pack per hectare crops for one dose spray and average 40tk per 5gm pack is 320tk. If you multiply this cost with hectares of total cultivated land of different crops, it estimated to easy and at least estimated result is several core taka as save.
This is the economic loss only but other loss is inestimable. There are many harmful effects including to pesticides apply in the crop fields. The affects and effects of chemical pesticides are such as health disorder, harmful for domestic animals, contaminate of surface or ground water which harm to aquatic animals or fish, change or destroy of ecosystems, decline soil fertility and decrease crop productivity etc. But neem decoction which natural active ingredient is azadirachtin and suspension of mahagoni fruits which naturally contains high saturated and unsaturated fatty acid including phospholipids, neutral lipids, glycolipids, phosphatidylcholins, tetranortriterpenoids, diacetate resins, phenolic compounds and triterpenoid-saponins etc. is more safe and none toxic which ensure food security and good ecosystems.
On the other hand, for pesticides formulation, a huge amount of active ingredients (more than 20,000 metric tons of pesticides used per year in Bangladesh) also imported from other countries where foreign currency reserve is slope to ground.
There are no any alternative way to get rid of health hazards of pesticide or pesticide residues. POP’s (Persistent Organic Pollutents) are another enemy in the long terms for our food security. We consume pesticide contaminated foods in every day and every time because the lack of knowledge of how to grow poison free food in agricultural practices. We don’t agree to take INM and IPM. Here INM means Integrated Nutrient Management where chemical fartilizer including all macro or micro nutrients and organic manures apply in soil as a balance nutrients and IPM means Integrated Pest Management where save of beneficial insects and ecosystems due to ensure food security and for this reason we should cultivate our crop without use of excessive CPA (Crop Protection Agent) to control the pest and disease. Now a days, our cultivable land seems to be barren land as productivity due to applied a huge amount of chemical fertilizer and less amount of organic manure used. We should apply a huge amount of organic manure and less amount of chemical fertilizer and pesticide in soil for renewed its healthy aspects. According to Elaine R. Ingharn, soil scientist, Oregon State University, in chemically treated soil, its present as few as 100 beneficial bacteria but in organically formed soil its conserve 600 million to 01 billion beneficial bacteria from 15,000 species. Though, Neem decoction or suspension of Mahagoni fruits is act as organic pesticides as like as both of its cake use dual purpose as like pesticide and organic manure. Neem and Mahagoni usage as broad spectrum crop fields including rice, potato, tomato, brinjol, bean, long bean, pumpkin, tea, cabbage, cotton and vegetables seed bed which widely affected or infested by aphids, armyworms, bollworms, cutworms, fruitworms, beetles, fruitborer, stemborer, caterpillars, flies, white fly, leaf folders, leaf miners, leaf roller, scales etc.
In January 2016, The Guardian reported that the United State Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) determined that imidacloprid in nectar at levels of 25 ppb (parts per billion) or above were harmful to bees colonies. The EPA is in the process of reviewing the impact of three other neonicotinoids – clothianidin, thiamethoxam and dinotefuran – as well as how other species, such as butterflies and aquatic animals, are affected by pesticides. Oliver Milman also reported that habital loss, pesticide use, parasites, disease and poor nutrition have been blamed for the precipitous decline of the animals that pollinate around a third of all the food eaten by humans.
Furthermore, we should also taken mechanical and cultural tools including insect traps, crops selection carefully (ie, disease-resistant varieties), biological control (ie, predators, parasites, bracon and beneficial micro organisms etc.) for pests control. If we concluded apply one dose that’s mean also starting organic agriculture according to Professor John Reganold, Department of Soil Science and agroecology, Washington State University studied that organic farming can produce sufficient yields, be profitable for farmers, protect and improve the environment and be safer for farm workers.
Precautions :
We also take care about our health security among ensure the food security as like as we also save environment and ecosystems with the respect of WHO (Word Health Organization) rules and regulations. By applying time , our non aware farmer take PPE (Personal Protective Equipment) ie, mask, gloves, gum boots, googol, face shield, apron etc. Mask is a common PPE which protect us dust, mold, spore, pollen grains, dander, fume, washing solvent etc. These inert substance (PM2.5~10 micron) causes health disorder including sneezing, cough, asthma, lung cancer, kidney damage, heart failure, coma etc. Occupational Safety & Health Administration (OSHA) believes there is always a feasible and useful method to correct any and all health hazards. OSHA also says that stop health hazards before they stop you. We say from as a slogan Take Mask Save Lung. This simple PPE safely and save you much more.
Kbd. Md. Hamidul Islam, MS (P.Path.), MBA (Ex.Mkt.), Assistant Leaf Officer, Akij Group.
Kbd. Masud Rana, MS (Bio-chemistry) Former Territory Officer, McDonald Bangladesh.
Kbd. Harun or Rashid, BSc Ag (Hon’s), Assistant Leaf Officer, Akij Group.


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